What equipment do I need to buy?

  • Black softball pants-any brand
  • Long red softball socks-any brand
  • Bag to carry gear
  • Fielding face mask
  • Fielding glove
  • Batting gloves
  • Batting helmet with protective face mask
  • Softball cleats (10U-12U must be plastic), 14U and up can wear metal
  • Water bottle/jug
  • Black belt for pants (optional)
  • Sliding shorts (optional)
  • Elbow guard (optional)

When is practice?
Younger grades (3rd-6th), practices start in early Spring in the gym on the weekend.  For later Spring/Summer, the coach will establish practice times for their team based on coach/player availability.  The goal would be for all teams to practice twice per week when summer starts.    Practice times will be established as early as possible.  Practices are essential to the improvement of player skills.  Players are expected to attend practices unless a legitimate conflict arises and they inform their coach in advance.  Lack of practice attendance can directly impact play time in game situations. 

Are there scholarships available?
Yes, Scholarships for the $175 registration fee are available for families meeting criteria. Players obtaining a scholarship WILL be responsible for selling one full cash raffle book.  Before you register your player, complete the application found HERE. After submission and if accepted, you will be contacted by a member of the Board with a scholarship discount code to enter when your register your player on this site.   NOTE: if the recipient family does not complete the raffle selling requirement as outlined above, a scholarship will NOT be available for the player the following year. 

Can my daughter "bump up" in age group?

It is our goal to keep age groups together as much as possible for players to play within their age range and achieve maximum success. However, position demand, team numbers and enrollments may dictate bump ups.  The CYFA Board and coaches will assist in skill review and assessment in determining how/when a player moves up, if needed.