The league will include one game night per week and runs June-July.

10U 3rd-4th graders; 1st year playing.   If offered we will register this team in the pitching machine league where games are played Wednesday nights.  Otherwise, if the pitching machine league is not offered this team will play Monday nights.

10U 4-5th graders who have played at least 1 year will register this team to play Mondays.

12U plays Tuesdays.

14U Plays Wednesdays.

High School Plays Thursdays.

Games will commence at 6:00 pm start time.   

Game night format is either 2 games, timed at 65 minutes, OR play 1 full 7 inning game and this is determined by the coaches.

Possible additional scrimmages may be established with league teams.  

Each year  teams can choose to participate in weekend tournaments based on their team/coach interest and availability, as well as tournament openings.  Coaches will hand out calendars in their initial team meetings to determine availability and interest to establish if enough players/positions would allow for successful participation in a tournament.  Tournaments are above and beyond league play, and it is not a guarantee all players will participate in all tournaments.