Our primary goal is to have fun.  Our next goal is for the players to learn the basics of tackle football in a safe manner. To achieve these goals there are some expectations of the players and coaches.

The players are expected to be at all practices and games on time with the proper uniform and equipment. Football is a team sport and each player is important to the functioning of the team. If a player cannot make practice or a game the coaches need to be notified as soon as possible. Players should come to practice with drinking water for breaks. Football is a physically demanding sport and even when the weather is cool it’s important to keep the players well hydrated. The players equipment should be kept clean and in good repair. Equipment that is not in working order is a safety risk. Any equipment problems should be brought to a coaches attention immediately.

The coaches will provide a safe environment for the players to learn. Tackle football is a contact sport and bumps and bruises are to be expected. Stretching and conditioning will be a part of every practice to help the players safely meet the physical demands of the sport. The coaches will do their best to get every player time in the games. There is no guaranteed playing time. Players must participate in practices to play. If a player hasn’t had the opportunity for conditioning and training at practice, it would  jeopardize their safety to play that weeks game and be unfair to the players who worked hard during the week.  The coaches will place players in positions that are best for the team within league rules (see league tab for rules).