Winona County Youth Baseball (WCYBB) (Summer League Night  Play):
We will promote equal playing time, position rotation (with safety considered first) and we will divide the teams with respect to skill levels.  We feel this provides all of our players with a chance to grow while providing the best possible experience for every single player.  Every player is encouraged to participate in WCYBB.  We anticipate WCYBB league games (usually about 12 to 14 weeknight games) will begin the last week of  May and run through the end of July when the WCYBB League tournaments will be held.

 Initial practices for the WCYBB summer league will be held in the evenings and commence in early to mid-May.  We will hold these pre-season practices up until league play starts.  Once league play starts practices will be at the discretion of the age level coaches.  Additional day practice opportunities or camps may be available.

  • WCYBB Rules 
  • WCYBB Field Locations

 Traveling Baseball (Spring/Summer Weekend Tournament Play):
We will be offering “TRAVEL BALL” for certain age levels where the CYBA has the player and coach interest to warrant travel team formation. We intend to form as many teams as possible but will have to adapt based on the interest shown. Travel Ball is the competitive side of the CYBA and will be for those players who want to play IN ADDITION to our traditional Winona County Summer League. This program is OPTIONAL and will require an additional fee to participate.