1. Is Chatfield Youth Baseball affiliated with Chatfield Community Education?

A. No, as of 2017, Chatfield Community Ed is no longer involved in competitive youth sports. Chatfield Youth Baseball is an independent organization that is run entirely separate from Community Ed. As such, all questions regarding this program should be directed towards us. We can be reached at chatfieldyouthbaseball@gmail.com.

2. What ages are eligible to participate in Chatfield Youth Baseball?

A:  Players ages 7-16 will be participating in the Winona County Youth Baseball League and/or Travel Ball. 

3. Will this be a "Traveling" league?

A: Yes, we will be in the Winona County Youth Baseball League, which has teams in Plainview, Eyota, St. Charles, Lewiston, Altura, Rollingstone, Minnesota City, Goodview, Ridgeway and other towns.  In addition, some players may compete in Travel Ball as well.  These teams participate in tournaments located throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

4. Does my child have to participate at their designated age/grade level?

A: Yes, however, we may need to move kids around to fill out teams and we may limit the number of players on teams dependent upon sign-up numbers. Past experience has shown that 11 to 13 players per team seem to be the ideal number for all participants to get the most out of the program. We will attempt to keep teams close to these levels if possible. 16U players will possibly participate in Legion ball as well.

5. Will siblings that are in the same age/grade level be able to play on the same team?

A: We will honor parent requests for this.

6. Will there be tryouts to participate in this program?

A: For our traditional Winona County Summer League the answer is no.  Everyone is welcome to play no matter their experience or skill level. Safety will be our programs primary concern. With that said, coaches will consider each players skill level when positioning decisions are made. We want our players to be put in positions where they can succeed and feel safe.  For "Travel Ball", tryouts may be necessary.

7. Once League Play begins, which night(s) will my child play on?

A: It is anticipated that each level will play on the same nights as prior years. Game times are usually 6:30 to 8 PM. This has not been finalized at this time. However, this is what we expect:

8U- Tuesday and Thursday

10U-Monday and every other Thursday

12U- Wednesday and every other Friday

14U- Tuesday and every other Friday

8. When will practices be held and how long does league play last?

A: Practices will most likely begin in early to mid-May for Winona County Summer League and be held twice weekly until League Play begins on or around June 1st. At that time, individual team coaches will work together to schedule any additional practices they see fit. Coach Baum also holds day practices for 12U and 14U players twice weekly in June and July. We have field time reserved at Mill Creek Park and the Elementary school from 6 to 8 PM, Monday through Thursday for the entire summer. League play finishes with the annual league tournament, which is held the last weekend in July typically.

For Travel Ball, practices will start in April and will continue through the course of the Travel Season.  These practices will be held at the discretion of each age levels head coach.


9. Will there be tournaments to play in?

A: Yes, Travel Ball will be geared toward competitive tournament participation.   For the most part, outside the Winona County League playoff, these tournaments will be separate from Winona County league play.


10. What is the registration fee used for?

A: Registration fees are used to cover operating expenses.  Depending on the program and age level these can include: tournament fees, umpire fees, uniform fees, league fees, equipment costs, insurance, web hosting fees, and game balls.